Advisory: Can Real Estate ERP Vendors Keep Pace with Industry Demands?

by Tama Huang, Executive Partner, NOI Strategies

Somewhere along the way over the last couple of years, while no one was looking, it seems that someone took the liberty of anointing property management systems with the moniker ‘ERP’. Wishful thinking? Perhaps. Synonymous? Not exactly.

When one thinks of ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, some powerful words come to mind: All-encompassing, global, open, expansive, and yes, expensive.

By design, ERPs consolidate a variety of otherwise disparate systems and information into a common, highly integrated operating environment. ERP systems deliver big gains by helping to grow revenue, increase productivity, improve efficiency throughout the enterprise and better manage costs. Out of the box, they are localized to virtually every language, currency and global standard. They tie seamlessly with advanced collaboration, business intelligence and analytics tools, and with an ERP’s unified view of enterprise-wide information, executives can ultimately make better decisions about corporate objectives and strategies.

Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, what works so nicely for the rest of the business world doesn’t necessarily work for real estate. Continue reading

Tama Huang & Glenn Murray named “Top 35 People to Watch in 2010”

The “Top 35 People to Watch” list is an annual recognition of those leaders in real estate technology who are not satisfied with the status quo and dare to do something about it. It’s not always easy to stand up and challenge “the way things have always been done” and suggest new, sometimes risky, alternatives. With the new paradigm shift towards automation and technology changing the way we manage and operate commercial and corporate real estate, it is the passion and commitment of these visionaries that will pave the way for future success…


Tamir Shafer joins NOI Strategies to Lead Treasury and Banking Services

Chicago, October 12, 2009– NOI Strategies, providing consulting, technology, and operational support services to the real estate industry, today announced that Tamir Shafer has joined as Managing Director of Treasury and Banking Services. Shafer is a 16-year veteran of corporate treasury and treasury operations with global investment firms including Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, and Morgan Stanley. He most recently led the U.S. Fixed Income Client Services team at Goldman Sachs.

“NOI Strategies recognizes the importance of cash management, debt management and treasury processes in today’s financial environment,” said Glenn Murray, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at NOI Strategies. “Tamir’s deep expertise will help real estate clients apply some of the same rigorous treasury and banking practices in-place at leading financial institutions. This includes the development of, and strict adherence to, a risk mitigation strategy associated with company-wide cash disbursements. ” Continue reading